Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Be A Centre Manager?

Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Be A Centre Manager?


As part of the placemaking and economic development work we do with public and private sector clients, we manage workspaces, help grow businesses and build communities.  Sometimes this is about connecting an existing community around a meanwhile-use space.  And other times, it’s about connecting people, ideas and knowledge through shared space, events and projects within a purpose-built workspace.

We are currently managing six workspace centers across the North of England, each has its own unique identity, community and positive impact on the region; and each is led by a talented Centre Manager.  It’s a fast-paced and incredibly rewarding job, as we learnt when we interviewed Amelia Findlay, Centre Manager at The Core, Newcastle Helix.

Why were you drawn to the post of Centre Manager at The Core? 

I’ve been lucky enough to work in some amazing buildings, supporting creative teams and businesses.  When we decide to make the move from the Highlands of Scotland to Newcastle, I was looking for new opportunities to do this and I was drawn to the Newcastle Helix and Creative Space Management story.  First and foremost, I wanted to be part of that.

You’ve been working with us for six months now, what are your early reflections on the community and the building?  

I’m still learning about the Newcastle Helix site and I’m still amazed at the huge potential there is here.  As the first workspace to open on the development, The Core feels like a hub for the wider community.  The events we run already get great engagement and this is only going to get better as the site grows and the footfall increases.

Our occupiers are driven to make a positive impact in the world of science and tech, but also in their local area. In the run up to Christmas we collected items for the Peoples Kitchen, located just over the road, and got loads of donations.  There are also some exciting collaborations with Newcastle University, apprenticeships and graduate training, which are having impact and creating opportunities for local people entering the workplace too.

What does a day in the life of a Centre Manager look like? 

Every day is different!  Generally, I come in first, open the building and try and be available to help with the morning rush.  A huge part of my role is collaborating with the suppliers, centre teams and occupiers on events and community initiatives across the whole Newcastle Helix site.

We have a very talented and versatile team here at The Core.  Together, we do everything from minor repairs and fire drills, to managing the internet and phone connections.   I try to order sunshine for the fire drills, but no matter how many weather sensors we have on site (and we have a lot!), I still end up doing it in the rain!

What are you most proud of in the last 6 months? 

It felt pretty good reaching 100% occupancy (fleetingly)!  As is the nature of these workspaces, businesses will always  grow and need to expand their space. We work with them to flex the space to their needs and then support them in their onward journey.  When occupiers grow on like this it means we have done our job well and we can get excited again about the new spaces coming available.  I’ve got a few tours coming up over the next month and look forward to inviting new businesses to The Core.  We’re always happy to show new people round when they get in touch.

What are your ambitions for The Core this year?  

It is incredibly thrilling to be part of the Newcastle Helix journey.  The Lumen, also managed by Creative Space Management, and located next to The Core, is completing at pace and will open by Easter.  Meanwhile, we’ll be supporting several businesses in their onward journeys to The Biosphere and The Catalyst, so will be introducing new occupiers to The Core as space becomes available.  We’re going to be growing our events programme too.  We are looking at weekly pop-up food vans and reigniting the ‘Science of’ event series. We’re also designing some wellbeing sessions for people to fit into their days – after all, we can’t be all work and no play!

To enquire about up-coming office space and event space opportunities, please contact info@thecorenewcastle.co.uk


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