Northern Architecture, Creative Space Management and igloo Regeneration join forces to bring Urbanistas exhibition to North East

Urbanistas, at The Core, Newcastle until 13th October, is an exhibition celebrating the vision and skills of leading women practitioners working pro-actively in UK cities, in the fields of architecture, urban and landscape design and planning.  The Urbanistas are Irena Bauman, Alison Brooks, Alessandra Cianchetta, Johanna Gibbons and Liza Fior & Katherine Clarke.

The exhibition has been brought to the North East from London by Northern Architecture, Creative Space Management and igloo Regeneration as the reach of the practices and projects featured can be found throughout the UK and beyond, including schemes for London, Paris, Leeds and closer to home at Malmo Quay on the Tyne.

Through photographs, drawings, diagrams, sketches, models, new video interviews and film clips, the visitor can explore the ways in which they are reinventing contemporary urban design and housing models to create beautiful, coherent, integrated and resilient cities.

The sites in Urbanistas include post-industrial districts, a garden suburb with inward-looking housing estates, disconnected urban fabric, public park and riverside landscapes and other sites of historical, cultural and archaeological significance.

Each architect has very distinct talents, interests and specialisms.  These include art and science of soils and trees, art practice, literature and poetry, urban light and how cities are perceived by night, and reinventing traditional housing types.

Director of Northern Architecture Lowri Bond says: “Sharing ideas and finding inspiration are an essential part of creating great cities so we were excited not only to provide a chance for people to see the work of these respected practices, but also to have the opportunity to bring people together to talk about innovation in our own city.”

Toby Hyam, Managing Director of Creative Space Management said: “I am delighted that we have been able to host Urbanistas at The Core.  Strong, innovative and functional design is crucial to future city living and working. Highlighting the important work of outstanding female architects is just one of the many elements of The Core’s engagement programme.”

As a group of architectural trailblazers, the Urbanistas all design, adapt and reinvent to bring about social and spatial sustainability.  This approach is vitally important today, because changes in climate and in social demographics and lifestyles call for everybody – architects, their specialist collaborators, their clients, and members of urban communities to take a more long-term view of the design of cities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this beautifully designed exhibition at The Core, Science Central, Newcastle until 13th October.

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