The Science of… Carbon Zero: Tuesday 23rd 2021, 12pm to 1:15pm via Zoom

The Science of… Carbon Zero: Tuesday 23rd 2021, 12pm to 1:15pm via Zoom


Delivered in partnership with Newcastle City Council, Newcastle University and Connected Energy, we are excited to invite you to our second Science of… event of 2021 which will be hosted via Zoom. Register here.

Tim Rippon, Senior Climate Change Expert at Newcastle City Council will discuss the societal challenges of achieving a Net Zero city.  The wholesale decarbonisation of a city has never been done before and the challenge is quite simply, enormous.  Tim will introduce Newcastle’s Net Zero Action Plan and discuss some of the key challenges that the city, its organisations, residents and businesses face in transitioning to Net Zero, from using data for informed decision-making to driving mass uptake of low carbon technologies.  He will discuss Newcastle’s novel and innovative approach to addressing these Net Zero challenges. Tim Rippon is a Senior Climate Change Specialist at Newcastle City Council, working on delivering our city-wide Net Zero commitment by 2030.  Tim’s academic background is in understanding the impacts of a changing climate on glaciers.  He has spent the past decade working in the renewable energy sector as an engineering consultant and delivering large scale wind, solar PV and other renewable energy projects around the world.  He is now responsible for ensuring the implementation of the Net Zero Newcastle – 2030 Action Plan, available here.

Matthew Lumsden, CEO of Connected Energy will discuss the private market within Carbon Zero. Focusing on how Carbon Zero will present real business opportunities, particularly for start-ups that are driven by Carbon Net Zero. Climate change is rightfully seen as a massive problem but it also creates a wealth of opportunity for innovation. With 15 years experience in the low carbon energy and transport sectors, Matthew founded Connected Energy to commercialise a range of energy storage and control systems developed by parent company Future Transport Systems. In the emerging energy storage sector, a key focus of Connected Energy is to provide customers with end to end expertise and support in developing their projects. In 2009 he founded Future Transport Systems to provide specialist consultancy and project management in the field of electric-mobility with an emphasis on the relationship between electric vehicles and energy networks. In 2014, Matthew founded Connected Energy to provide energy storage systems and operating services.

Dr. Neveen Hamza, Reader in Architecture, Energy & Wellbeing at the school of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University: The ‘walkable city’, the ‘healthy city’, the ‘smart city’ are all recently presented concepts. This talk explores the historical precedents of building local and thinking global: ‘Glocal’ and ‘the 15 minute city’. Dr Hamza suggests that the road to zero carbon is not a technological solution made feasible by a plethora of daily gathered data. This talk argues that sustainable cities will remain just a concept if the city is not a happy, comfortable and vibrant place, anchoring the design of the city to local climate potential, using the existing built environment while managing perceptions of renewables and listening to people as experienced users. Dr. Neveen Hamza is a Reader in Architecture, Energy and Wellbeing, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University and looks at architecture as an interface between healthy and sustainable indoors and outdoors environments. With a background in architecture and urban planning, She has worked in practice and taught internationally and nationally on ‘Sustainable cities and environments’ for the last 30 years.

Each speaker will discuss their points for 20 minutes with time for a Q&A at the end of the session.

Toby Hyam, Managing Director of Creative Space Management will host the event. Toby Hyam is joint founder and Managing Director of Creative Space Management and has 18 years experience of managing and developing multi-occupancy centres for growing businesses.  He has led the company’s work on mixed use developments, meanwhile uses and place making and has extensive management experience with public and private as well as third sector enterprises. He is a persuasive public speaker and has spoken widely across Europe.

You can register for your free ticket here.

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