The Science of Attraction

The Science of Attraction


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11 February 2016, 7 – 8pm

Is beauty really in the eye – or the nose – of the beholder?

  • What behaviours do animals exhibit when trying to attract their mates and how important are faces, bodies, voices and scents in human mate choice?
  • What are condition dependent preferences, imprinting and mate choice copying and how do they impact on human preferences?
  • What information can we get about a person from their odour and is odour affected by the use of artificial fragrances?

Delivered in partnership with Dr Tony Little and Dr Caroline Allen from the University of Stirling, and with a nod to Saint Valentine’s Day, we are pleased to invite you to latest evening in ‘The Science of’ series at The Core, Science Central.


Join us as we welcome:

Dr Tony Little – a Reader in the Division of Psychology at the University of Stirling. Tony became interested in faces as an undergraduate student at the University of Durham. He received his PhD from the University of St Andrews and has lectured at the University of Liverpool in Biology before moving to Stirling.

Tony’s research focuses on how faces are perceived, the information people extract from faces, and why certain faces are found attractive using evolutionary and comparative perspectives.

Dr Caroline Allen is a Research Assistant in the Division of Psychology at the University of Stirling. She became interested in the role of human olfaction whilst studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Her PhD research focussed on this, further investigating the cues available in human body odour, and whether our ability to detect and utilise these cues is affected by cultural practices such as the use of deodorants and fragrances.

See you there!


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