Salon: Blockchain – It’s Time to Find Out More

Salon: Blockchain – It’s Time to Find Out More


Thursday 22nd February 2018, 16:00 – 18:00

Blockchain is associated with fintech and crypto currencies, but this Christmas it is being used in a new experiment to see whether blockchain technology can be used to track birds from farm to market and to help consumers understand where their birds are coming from. So where else is it being used in businesses, government or even in Charities?

We will look at societal angles that arise such as educating the wider population on its potential, the need for governance, skills readiness and its scope as a technology for re-dressing economic imbalances.

Join us and lead discussants including Fintan Galvin, CEO of Invotra, for some real-world uses of blockchain, discover what it is and a whole lot of myth busting.

Places are limited and networking drinks will follow the event.




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