Experience The Core as it is transformed into a neon dreamscape, filled with interactive light installations inspired by the subculture movement, Vaporwave.

Students and graduates of Newcastle and Northumbria University will team with professionals from electronic and design firms to produce innovative and interactive works of art, incorporating futuristic digital technologies and traditional artistic mediums.

Over two days, collaborators will base themselves hereand experiment with a range of materials and sensors to produce a suite of synthetic, flashy and oversaturated works, typical of the Vaporwave style. Expect contemporary projections, smoke and lasers, and artificial structures that will appear to ‘glitch’ unpredictably as they react to the environment and the public.

The results will be on display and open for public viewing on Tuesday 2nd June, 6pm – 9pm. The event is free to attend.

Lisa Tolan, Centre Manager for Creative Space Management, says “We’re delighted to host this project which will showcase how arts and technology specialisms can come together and bring new projects to life. This is a chance for people interested in visual arts, programming, robotics and other creative and technological fields to collaborate and explore what their complementary specialisms can produce.”

Co.choc, a group of art project collaborators, who has been involved in similar events across Europe explain their motivation: “It is fascinating to see how different sectors can collaborate and inspire each other to produce new and unexpected artwork; this way of working is very popular. There are infinite ways to manipulate light and I am excited to see how our artists and engineers work together to illuminate The Core.”

Glitch-athon is one element of a broad cultural engagement programme delivered by the Creative Space Management team at The Core – the programme is themed around Future Cities. Since opening, audiences have been invited to engage in the project in a host of ways and a number of partnership projects have been delivered. Works have included Dominic Wilcox’s mini-Cathedral installation, a beautiful vision of future-transport, and EAT! Festival’s ‘Future City, Future Chef’, which challenged the best of the region’s young chefs to consider how our resources and diet may change over the next 50 years. The Core is the newest venue taking part in The Late Shows this year and regularly hosts CoderDojo, a coding club for kids.

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