SME community committed to tackling the climate emergency

SME community committed to tackling the climate emergency


Using the latest advances in digital technologies, The Core community are tacking climate change as they anticipate and respond to future city challenges.

We recently met with occupiers to explore The Core’s sustainability credentials from the point of view of the community that uses the space, and to talk about what our businesses and researchers are doing in the green energy, environmental infrastructure, and circular economy sectors.

The Core is home to a trail-blazing group of knowledge-based, research-led small to medium size businesses, addressing the most pressing challenges for the future of cities, working to create real, positive and sustainable change across global markets.

With sustainability at our heart, The Core has a 27m tall living wall, a planted sedum roof, a rainwater harvesting system, and bee hotels! But it is our workspace community that are driving our green agenda, promoting digitally enabled sustainability across their working practices. 

More than just a workspace, The Core is a place people visit in order to connect and collaborate with businesses on a similar journey to carbon neutral. A popular destination for events, conferences and networking within Newcastle Helix, The Core exemplifies Newcastle’s Smart City status, and has a leading role to play within the wider 24-acre Newcastle Helix site; one of the most important innovation hubs in Europe.

If you are a small to medium size business and want to stay in touch with The Core community, feel free to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter or contact the team to arrange a time to pop by and have a tour.


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