The Science of Laughter

The Science of Laughter

Date: 22/10/2015
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Tickets: HERE

Creative Space Management invite you to the launch of an inspirational series of events in Newcastle. The first in the programme of in depth examinations of the science behind everyday topics is ‘The Science of Laughter’, on Thursday 22nd October at 7pm.

Toby Hyam, Managing Director of Creative Space Management, explains:  “One of the aims of Science Central is to bring together academia, business and citizens. This innovative series of talks looks at the science behind everyday topics, such as beer, flight and storytelling, to ensure our programme is both entertaining and accessible.”

We all love a good laugh, but why on earth do we do it? Why do our bellies shake with laughter when we see our favourite comedians on TV deliver a juicy one-liner, and our eyes stream after a giggle with friends?

Attempting to answer some of these questions, Newcastle University researchers and local production company Magic IF Ltd, will build on The Suggestibles’ extensive experience as comedic performers whilst incorporating the scientific research of Dr Kai Alter, Institute of Neuroscience, and Dr Adam Morton, School of History, Classics and Archaeology in this free evening of entertainment.

‘Professor’ Ian McLaughlin from the ‘Institute of Comedy Research’ has promised to take his audience on a rip-roaring and belly aching rollercoaster ride through the current scientific theories about guffaws and giggles.

Ian explains: “Laughter is an instinctive, contagious reaction, often to itself. It’s a universal act of social interaction that can be found not only in humans but other mammals as well. Science is only just starting to unravel the mysteries of mirth and this talk hopes to shed some light on the current scientific thinking behind ha ha ha!

Creating comedy off the cuff follows the same rhythms and patterns that stand up comedians use to get you guffawing. It’s a real art that uses psychology and careful timing to create a wave of laughter that the comedian will try to ride for as long as they can. With the help of actual scientists we’ll be putting laughter under the microscope to see just how and why we do it.  Expect a lot of laughter and a whoopi cushion or two!”